February 2019 ~ Local Art Exhibits

Showing at the Kernville Historical Museum, Kernville: 49 Big Blue Rd, Kernville, CA  93238

IN THE MUSEUM GALLERY FROM February 28, 2019 ~ April 14, 2019
Please note that John Clark’s exhibit is extended to April 14 from March 31

Welded Metal Sculptor John Clark

John Clark

John was born in a rural town in Ohio in 1946 and enjoyed the outdoors. And he spent time in the forests near his home hunting and trapping from an early age.

Always fascinated with welding, John befriended and worked with a local iron worker and blacksmith and fell in love with the craft. At the age of 14 years John started welding in the basement of his family home. And in high school he won the Industrial Arts award as a Senior.

While serving in the Navy in Vietnam, he improved his welding skills, and moved to California. After graduating from San Diego City College with an Associate of Science degree in Welding Technology and Metallurgy, he worked in various industries as a certified welder. He retired in 2009.

He made his first welded metal sculpture as an assignment in an anthropology class while attending San Diego Community College in 1969. His rendering of a bald eagle received a standing ovation by his class and his professor, inspiring him to pursue sculpting as an avocation. Over the years he has sculpted wildlife – especially birds. He also produced vases and wall hangings. And he has recently begun sculpting figures.

While doing a commissioned piece, a golden eagle, for Doug Schanzenbach, John was introduced to the Kern River Valley. He has been exploring and falling in love with the area for the past 15 years. He has always wanted to move back to a rural community and the Kern River Valley was the right place. After meeting a wonderful lady, he made the move in 2018.

The public is invited to meet the artist at an Artist’s Reception, Saturday, March 2nd, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Kern Valley Museum.