Artist Susan Neves

Susan Neves fine art photos


Susan Neves fine art photographs


Susan Neves fine art photos


Artist’s Statement

“You have a good eye!” is an expression I often hear from people viewing my photography. I am passionate about defining that statement each time I pick up my camera to capture a fleeting moment with just the right light and a balanced composition. I believe it is my ability to look closely at life’s landscapes and see that which is often overlooked by others. My photography prints are the end result of that vision.


Artist’s Bio

Susan Neves is primarily a landscape and architectural digital photographer, a resident of Ridgecrest, California, and owner of Susan Neves Fine Art Photography. She is a self-taught photographer who also holds degrees in Fine and Graphics Arts as well as Digital Animation.

Besides her desire to share the beauty of the magnificent landscapes and architecture of California in print, she also offers private and group photography workshops to those desiring to learn the art. She is a member of the of the Kern River Valley Art Association and the Kern Valley Museum & Historical Society, where she recently offered a complimentary Photo Walk in nearby Keyesville, to promote museum membership and appreciation of the Valley.

Here is a link to Susan’s Fine Art Photography online gallery: