Kern River Valley Art Association

KRV Public Art

The KRVAA Public Art Program continues to beautify our Kern River Valley buildings and communities. That’s because these striking murals reflect the scenic beauty and majestic nature of the place we call home.

Public art projects are important. They stimulate conversation and encourage us to relate to each other through art in the environment.

Bringing art into a community creates a greater sense of belonging to an interesting place. The quality of life is improved by public art.

Public art makes a difference in visitor appreciation of the communities they visit. Tourism is encouraged by public art.

Murals have been a part of this community for many many years. They are found in hospitals, at businesses and in public settings. Some are very old and have been rediscovered. We have several murals below for you to discover.

These projects are made possible through support from KRVAA members, Kern Community Foundation, Arts Council of Kern, Kern County Board of Supervisors and others.

BARC Mural

BARC Building

6125 Lake Isabella Blvd.
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

Kernville Fly Shop Mural

Kern River Fly Shop

11301 Kernville Rd.
Kernville, CA 93238

Cyclesmiths Mural


11301 Kernville Rd.
Kernville, CA 93238

Mount Mesa Market Mural

Mt. Mesa Market

12324 Mountain Mesa Rd.
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

KVHD Mural

KVHD Skilled Nursing Facility

6412 Laurel Ave.
Mountain Mesa, CA 93240

Freeman's Realty Mural

Freeman’s Lakeside Realty

6117 Lake Isabella Blvd.
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

Here's a link to Kern River Valley murals:

The Google Mural Map is part of Kern River Valley Art Association’s Public Art Program. This is an ongoing project to help promote points of interest, local artists and crafts people.