Artist Iva Cross Fendrick

Iva Fendrick

Iva Cross Fendrick

Artist’s Bio

Over the years, Iva has worked in a variety of mediums and subject matter. These include portraits in pencil and pastels, nude figure studies, sculpted figures, abstracts in mixed media, and her latest art adventure, Plein Air. She is the daughter of Vina Cross, who was one of the Bakersfield Art Association’s founding members. Iva is also a fourth generation Kern County resident.

Iva earned a Bachelors degree in art from California State University, Bakersfield – having also studied at Bakersfield College and at the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles. She studied ceramics with Vic Bracke of central California and at the Mendocino Art Center. For twenty-five years Iva taught in the Kern High School district, much of the time teaching ceramics.

Many of Iva’s creations are in the hands of private collectors and can be seen at BAA’s Art Center, 1607-19th Street, Bakersfield, California. Over the years, Iva has contributed to young student’s artistic endeavors, beginning with classes in her home, conducting workshops at the Lori Brock Museum and teaching in the Kern High School District. She subscribes to the well-known quote, “Science makes life possible: art makes life livable.”

Artist’s Statement

Artistic expression has always been part of Iva’s life, from drawing quick sketches to creating water features for that quiet garden spot. She feels that the “artist’s eye” is always at work. “When I see the soft shadows on the rolling hill sides, I long to capture that mood on paper for others to enjoy.” Iva feels that we all have a need to reflect upon what gives us visual pleasure.

History of Iva Cross Fendrick and Her Ancestors in the Kern River Valley, the Tilly and Cross families

Great Grandfather…John Louis Tilly
Married   1876 Jane Prewitt Booth,
Lived in Glennville at Toll House Ranch.
Cleo Rebecca their first child, (Iva’s Grandmother)
The child May was Cleo stepsister
John moved the family back to his ranch on Tilly Creek in Kernville, soon after twins were born,
Carolyn and Cathryn.  Iva always knew them as Aunt Carrie and Aunt Cassie.

The other side of her grandparents:

Joel Cross (Iva’s great grandfather)
Married Julia Whitsman , who came to California in 1846 as a child.
Joel and Julia married, settled in the Glennville area. They had four children.
Iva’s grandfather, John, was oldest of four, brother Adderton, sisters, Margaret Ann, and Elizabeth.
John Cross married Cleo Tilly.
Their children, Lewis, Raymond, Marvin , (Iva’s father), John Jr. (known as Uncle Jack to Iva) and Helen.


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