Artist Eugene Verbeet

Artist’s Bio

Gene Verbeet  – Curmudgeon-In-Residence
Curmudgeon Photographic Studios

Gene Verbeet, Curmudgeon-in-Residence, of Curmudgeon Photographic Studios is a long-time Kern Valley, California resident.  Gene is a retired educator with more than 32 years of elementary teaching under his belt. Once retired, he renewed his love of landscape photography.  He specializes in vibrant color photography of the Kern River Valley and the Southern Sierras. Along with his two partners, Rich Zimmerman and Larry Holochwost, he has published two books, Kern Valley Perspectives: Two Cameras and a Paintbrush and High Country Perspectives: Two Cameras and a Paintbrush.  He and his partners also have a gallery in Kernville, CA.

Gene’s Statement of Artistic Philosophy

Sculptor Henry Moore said, “Art is the expression of imagination, not the duplication of reality.” This is the goal of my photography. I have spent most of my adult life hiking, kayaking, camping, sauntering (as John Muir would recommend) and just plain loving the beauty of nature. It is through photography that I hope to share that beauty and power that nature inspires. Many a fisherman will tell you that what they most love about fishing has nothing to do with catching fish. The same is true with photography. Producing the perfect image is just the extra reward for the time spent in nature enjoying its wonders and beauty. If I can share that feeling with others through my images (in my own curmudgeon-like way), so much the better.


Poppy at Early Morning

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