Jim Coe creates both photographs and digital 3D scenes. The 3D scenes have length, width, height and depth in the computer, but are rendered out as 2D images.

Jim Coe ~  Artists Statement


I love light and color! Light and color can only be experienced in most art media when objects are illuminated. So that I’m naturally fascinated by objects too – their surfaces, contours, highlights and shadows, as well as their materials and textures.

Lately, I’ve become interested in using Digital 3D Modeling as an art form, though continuing my long interest in traditional Photography. I’ve also worked with light and color more directly, by creating many projected light effects and rear-projected “Light Boxes”, by using LEDs, lamps, lasers, reflecting elements, color filters and electronic lighting controls.

I was also a partner and innovator in one of the very first “Light Shows” during the San Francisco Height Ashbury scene – the Holy See Light Show.
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Jim’s Photographs

Jim’s 3D Digital Scenes