Artist Jeanette Rogers-Erickson

Jeanette Rogers Erickson creates wonderful, whimsical pen and ink illustrations. She is well known in the Kern River Valley for her tireless efforts working with local charities and the Kernville Chamber of Commerce. She is one of those women who embraces you like her own family. She always is generous with a smile to brighten your day. You have probably seen one of her illustrations on a promotion for local events such as the Annual Whiskey Flat Days, Peddler’s Fair and The Jeanette Rodgers-Erickson Heart Walk.

Growing up in the depression era meant that little Jeanette had to be resourceful in finding fun activities to entertain herself. Her mother taught her to draw at an early age and she developed a skill that would bring joy to many. She started illustrating storybooks and has had many of her lovely works published over the years.


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