Select KRVAA Artists

Here you can view some of the artworks of KRVAA artist members who have Gallery Pages. These Kern River Valley Art Association artists have works for sale and appreciate your patronage.

Thanks for viewing ~ enjoy!

If you are a KRVAA member and would like your own work shown here, please contact Jim Coe at or Louise Camille at

To be shown here, you will need:

  • A current KRVAA paid membership
  • Quality photos of your work (unless your work is photographs or digital art)
  • Up to 30 images in *.jpg or *.png image file formats
  • One large image will be shown. The others will be in a slideshow format
    • Please indicate which of your images will be the large one
  • A short Biography
  • An Artist’s Statement (optional but very desirable)
    • Your medium, tools, goals, training, etc.
  • Please feel free to mention how and where your work may be viewed and purchased
  • please see our resource page on How to Photograph Your Artwork.

Jim Coe can photograph your artwork for a reasonable fee, if you desire.