Mission Statement

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all volunteer organization, KRVAA’s mission is to provide opportunities, resources, and exhibition venues for the Kern River Valley artists, with an emphasis on art education, and emerging artists.

Also to promote arts and crafts in the communities of the Kern River Valley, to provide grants and scholarships for education of art, to aid in the advancement of community artists, and to provide a forum for artists and crafters and to exchange ideas and educational opportunities.

Art for all and all for art

… is the slogan for our Association whose charter is to broaden the cultural horizons of the Kern River Valley’s residents by:

  1. Providing a forum for all artists to showcase their work and exchange ideas.
  2. Sponsoring education and development of future artists.
  3. Introducing new ideas and expressive imagery from beyond our environs.
  4. Promoting tourism by creating and maintaining a destination for assimilating high quality visual art in all of its aspects.

2020 KRVAA Officers

Elected Officers
PresidentChris “Buffalo” Folsom
Vice President
SecretaryCatherine Cassidy
TreasurerKatherine Cutts
PublicityChris “Buffalo” Folsom
MembershipMerry Hinkley / Melody Lindley
CuratorChris “Buffalo” Folsom
Social MediaKelly Pankey
HostessNoreen Bernier
Theater OutreachJohn Lakovits
William Box

To reach out to any of our Officers, please use our contact page.