Artist Kelly McLane

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Artist’s Statement

The relationship of man and nature continues to inspire a personal intellectual journey. I strive to reveal an intimate pattern and connection with nature through my work. From the grand to the minute human assertion we struggle to delineate differences in human and natural boundaries. The inability to define our existence in nature has consistently presented conflict within societies individually and politically. Historically the image of nature is often depicted as mindless matter safely relegated to an inferior realm, existing only to serve the needs of superior rational man. This axiom is in sharp contrast to many opinions and scientific data that we share world wide in an attempt to predict our future. What part we play in this future is a paradox I present to contextualize my landscapes.

My Paintings contain the immediacy of drawings with rich vibrant impastos, creating classic textures. Delicate detailed passages are drawn and integrated through paint. Endless layers of information and resolutions appear and recede through addition and negation. Space, harmonize and clash with color and mark making to literally define subject matter within ecosystems of tempo and mood. Individual bodies of drawings are the ethereal conscience that orchestrates the narrative realms of my journey. I create humorous interpretations of worlds with uncomfortable, unapologetic images. Ancient and modern structures, collapsed highways and factories recall images of earthquake-stricken cities. Warlike scenarios both human and animals, from domesticated to the nearly extinct, compete for prominence on the picture plane.

The apocalyptic is clearly present but is not definite or terminal instead points towards a notion of continuous recycling of history. Divergent elements are found protruding from mundane and spectacular anomalies disparate against their surroundings. Impending threat of self-destruction has compelled many of us to re-evaluate our position in the “natural order”. It is my belief that we are increasingly troubled with the philosophies placing mankind at the center of the universe. In my work are glimpses of radical change. Inconvenient truths are taken seriously and the birthing pains of a new romanticism often replace skepticism. Myths and symbols of Americana are blurred and entangled with those of the world both past and present, creating a multifaceted cultural lexicon ripe with possibility.